Upgrade Information

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of Your Uninstaller! 7, if you have purchased a previous version, you can upgrade it here, simply pay for the upgrade and you will get email with all required information (download link, new registration code) that will help you install the new version. The upgrade fee applies as following table:

Edition Upgrade To Upgrade Fee
Any Your Uninstaller! Pro Edition (2004,2006,2008) Your Uninstaller! 7 Pro Edition $19.99
Any Your Uninstaller! Basic Edition Your Uninstaller! 7 Pro Edition $29.99

To start upgrading, please fill following simple form:

Lost order number?

Please note you must know the Order Number (if you have multiple orders, we require the most recent one) otherwise the upgrade can not continue. If you have purchased Lifetime Upgrade Service, please also enter the Lifetime Upgrade Service id to be sure you get the upgrade for free.

Common question: Lost your order number or Lifetime Upgrade Service id?

Read this article entirely for instant solution.

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