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Your Uninstaller!

Your Uninstaller! is a system tools suite to optimize and clean your PC to make it running in top performance. The Internet Traces Eraser feature clears all surfing traces from your computer, no one knows where you have visited.

Product Version: 7.5
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Last Updated: 04/01/2013
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What Your Uninstaller! can help you with Internet Traces Eraser?

  • Remove hard disk cookies.
  • Remove memory cookies.
  • Remove cache files.
  • Remove History files.
  • Remove Typed URLs.
  • Remove saved passwords and forms.
  • All removed traces are completely UNRECOVERABLE.

When you are surfing internet, you may probably know your surfing traces are stored in your computer, anyone can access your PC can easily know where you visited and use your saved passwords to get your personal information like credit card numbers, phone numbers, photos, etc. So wipe these data is important. Your Uninstaller! will help you do this job, easy and completely.

Your Uninstaller! is also a powerful system tools suite with many features likeUninstaller,Disk Cleaner,Startup Manager,StartMenu Manager, etc. You can get a free download above instantly.

Remember to use Your Uninstaller! weekly to Make your PC Fast and Clean!


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