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Your Uninstaller!

Your Uninstaller! is a system tools suite to optimize and clean your PC to make it running in top performance. The Uninstaller feature can remove any programs installed completely - whether it's damaged or good.

Product Version: 7.5
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Last Updated: 04/01/2013
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What Your Uninstaller! can help you with Disk Cleaner?

  • Scan whole system for junk files.
  • Very fast speed scanning system.
  • Scans More than 100 junk file types.
  • Supports 1-click scan and cleaning.
  • Support Schedualled cleaning.
  • It's smart enough to avoid removing important files with same file extension as junk files.
  • All removed files can be recovered in-time for any reason if you still need these files.

As you may know, Windows and programs generates a lot of temporary files, they spead everywhere in the disk, they files eat large disk spaces and slow down the system quite a lot. Disk Cleaning is a weekly task for almost every Windows users.

Your Uninstaller! makes Disk Cleaning a very easy and comfortable job, simply One-Click and all thing done automatically.

Remember to use Your Uninstaller! weekly to Make your PC Fast and Clean!


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